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Herbal Supplements For Women: What To Choose

The human body goes through many different changes over the years. For all of them, hormones are vital, signalling the body to undergo these transformations. From the onset of menstruation to pregnancy and then menopause, women pass through a lot of stages that are kick-started by hormonal changes.

One crucial aspect of women’s health is supporting these changes and helping them come smoothly. These can be done with special herbs.

Herbs have been known as agents of good health since ancient times. These plants have been harnessed in traditional medicine to tackle ailments and bring wellness for centuries. Even in these modern times, herbs still have their uses.

The green herbal trade is more vital than ever now because of modernization. With state-of-the-art machinery for quality control and online stores, herbal supplements are better than raw herbs for health.

Thanks to the efforts of vendors like gardenix.com, these herbal supplements for women are more accessible to purchase.

Now that sourcing is handled, the problem becomes: Which herbal supplements for women do I choose? We’ll take you through a few important ones.

Top Herbal Supplements For Women

Before heading into the list, you should know that some of these herbs can be found near you. However, supplements rather than herbs are recommended to ensure adequate dosage.

1. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh, or Actaea racemosa, is one of the most important herbs for women’s health. This herb has been used to treat ailments since the Native Americans and is still used today.

Black Cohosh is a well-known plant that positively affects the female reproductive system. It does this through its properties as a phytoestrogen. These are plants or plant-based substances that replicate the actions of the hormone estrogen. That becomes beneficial in instances like menopause, where the hormone level reduces.

A study on the effects of Black Cohosh on eighty postmenopausal women who used it daily for eight weeks found some positive developments. Not only was Black Cohosh effective in reducing the severity of menopausal hot flashes, but it also reduced their frequency.

Black Cohosh might be difficult to find near you, but you could use the herbal supplements from Garden Organics. These products are tested to ensure they are high quality and enough to meet your daily requirements for women’s health.

2. Dong Quai

This herb is an aphrodisiac that is great for women. Dong Quai, also known as Angelica sinensis or female ginseng, is native to Japan, China, and Korea. This plant’s root is noteworthy since it has been utilized for female reproductive health in Chinese traditional medicine for over a thousand years.

This herb offers a variety of beneficial effects on female sexual health. These include alleviating menstruation pains, lowering sadness, and controlling estrogen levels. Dong Quai is so powerful that it is indicated to kick-start the diminished libidos of menopausal women.

Beyond the reproductive benefits of this herb, Dong Quai helps reduce food allergies. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that explain its use in tackling inflammation in Chinese traditional medicine.

This is a herbal supplement for women that shouldn’t be ignored.

Dong Quai

3. Wild Yam

This herb is a recipient of many different names. Colic root, devil’s bones, and China root are all names the herb has received. The plant would benefit women’s health in many ways, and we’ll take them one at a time.

First, Wild Yam contains a substance called diosgenin. This chemical can enhance the production of estrogen by the body. While phytoestrogens aim to mimic the effects of the hormone, wild Yam seeks to elicit its production.

Secondly, Wild Yam is also a source of discretize. This compound is an ally in the fight against high blood sugar, and its effects have been proven.

Beyond these two benefits, the herb can alleviate menstrual cramps and soothe bone problems. However, Wild Yam is bitter, so don’t think of consuming it directly. You’d be better off going for an herbal supplement from a trusted vendor.

4. Passionflower

The passion fruit is a tasty addition to any fruit bowl, but it isn’t the only beneficial part of the plant. The passionflower is another.

This flower was popular among Native Americans, who smoked it for its calming effect. The flower tackles depression, enhances sleep quality, and helps with hormonal imbalance. It is also effective in lowering blood pressure.

Most of the herbs on this list increase the amount of estrogen in circulation. However, passionflower does the opposite. This herb shines when there’s too much estrogen in the body. The herb increases the concentration of GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric acid) in the body.

This substance has multiple effects. First, it acts as an antidepressant, combating all the adverse effects of depression. It also helps to reduce the impact of estrogen in the body. The compound is also an anti-diabetic, reducing the blood sugar.

Finally, it is an anti-hypertensive, tackling elevated blood pressure and promoting heart health.

The benefits of passionflower to women’s health are extensive so you could pick this one up first.


In the quest for women’s health and well-being, herbal supplements serve as promising allies. With their natural origins and potential benefits, these supplements offer a natural means of tackling various health concerns. However, navigating the vast array of options requires informed decision-making and prioritizing quality and safety.

Trusted herbal supplement vendors like Garden Organics can help you in this regard. With all their supplements highly vetted, you can rest easy knowing that they stock only the best.

While herbal supplements can complement a healthy lifestyle, seeking medical advice from a healthcare professional before any significant leaps is always better. By combining expert advice with trusted supplements like Garden Organics, women can empower themselves to make informed choices.

That would pave the way towards improvements in all aspects of their health. Try out these herbs today, and let your body thank you later. 

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