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When Should You Start Wearing False Eyelashes?

If you’ve been contemplating when to dive into the realm of false eyelashes, you’ve come to the right place.

In this easy-to-read guide, we’ll discuss the perfect time to start wearing falsies, whether you’re a makeup novice or a seasoned pro.

From special occasions to everyday glam, we’ll help you navigate the ins and outs of false eyelashes, ensuring you make a stunning entrance wherever you go.

So, let’s get ready to bat those lashes with confidence and grace!

What age should you wear fake lashes?

What age should you wear fake lashes?

Fake eyelashes add glamour and drama to any look, and there is no set age or decade where eyelash extensions become inappropriate. That said, there are some things to keep in mind when considering fake lashes at any age.

For younger teens, around ages 13-15, false lashes can be fun for a special occasion or look. However, eyelash extensions may require more care and maintenance than what a busy teen has time for on a daily basis.

Shorter, more natural-looking lashes are often better for this age to avoid an overly done look.

Women in their 20s and 30s can rock eyelash extensions without worry. This age range is when many women regularly wear makeup and experiment with different styles.

False lashes pair perfectly with going-out looks, date nights, or everyday glam. Bolder, fuller lashes are ideal for bringing extra brightness to the eyes.

Come 40 and beyond, eyelash extensions continue to be a flattering choice, but some additional considerations come into play.

Things like developing laughter lines around the eyes and changes in brow shape over the years need to be accounted for to ensure lashes are applied properly and evenly.

It may require finding an experienced lash technician well-versed in applying lashes to mature eyes. However, false lashes can help maintain a youthful, wide-eyed look even as wrinkles begin to show.

When you should Buy False Eyelashes?

When you should Buy False Eyelashes?

For young girls under the age of 13, it’s best to avoid fake lashes altogether. At this age, children are still developing their own sense of beauty and should focus on building confidence based on their natural features rather than trying to enhance them with cosmetic products.

As for teenagers between the ages of 14-19 years old, it really depends on each individual’s personal preference and maturity level. It’s important for teens at this stage not to rely too heavily on makeup in general.

Generally speaking, anyone over 20 years old is fine to start experimenting with fake lashes as long as they feel comfortable wearing them!

How to Choose the Right False Lashes for You

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, choosing the right false lashes can be overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider while selecting the perfect set of lashes.

1. Style: There are various options when it comes to false lashes – natural, full, dramatic, and more. Consider the occasion and the look you’re going for before making your choice.

2. Material: False lashes come in different materials – mink, silk, and synthetic. Mink is the most natural-looking, but synthetic is more affordable and better for those with allergies.

3. Shape: The lash shape is crucial when selecting the right false lashes. It is essential to determine the correct length and shape of the lashes that work best with your eye shape and size.

4. Comfort: False lashes come in different band styles – flexible, thick, thin, and more. Choose one that is comfortable to wear and fits your eye shape and size.

5. Reusability: Some false eyelashes are reusable, while others are not. Consider opting for lashes that are durable, easy to clean, and can be reused multiple times.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can choose the perfect false lashes to enhance your natural beauty and bring out your best features.


Q: How do I remove false eyelashes?

A: To remove false eyelashes, use a cotton swab dipped in an oil-based makeup remover or micellar water to dissolve the glue.

Hold the cotton swab over the band for a few seconds to loosen the glue, then gently tug the lashes off. Be careful not to pull too hard on the false lashes and cause damage to your natural lashes.

Q: How long can I wear false eyelashes?

A: The duration you can wear false eyelashes varies based on the material, adhesive, and wear and tear. Generally, eyelash extensions can last up to three weeks, while strip lashes can be worn for a day or up to a week with proper care and maintenance.

Q: How do I care for my false eyelashes?

A: Proper care is essential to extend the life of your false eyelashes. After usage, remove any leftover adhesive and makeup residue.

Final words

Whether new to using false lashes or a seasoned pro, familiarize yourself with the different styles, materials, shapes, and application methods to find the perfect fit for your style and eye shape. Happy lashing!

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